Ep#12: BAD DOGS FOR LIFE – The Wiener Dog Movie


Super excited to present the official wiener dog movie of BAD DOGS the dog parody of #BadBoys and the new movie #BadBoysForLife featuring two cute and funny little #dachshunds named Oakley and Crusoe!

The two police dog detectives are busy doing office work at the police station when the chief bulldog calls them in to tell them he’s sending them on patrol.

Of course the pups are super excited to be able to leave the office, so they take off, first heading to the drive thru to get some donuts of course.

They then get a call from the 911 dispatch from Daphne the Dachshund who tells them about a bad doggie selling illegal cookies on the street. So the wiener dogs rush to the scene to see investigate.

The little maltese dog in the convertible speeds away from the cops at the first sign of them approach, so Crusoe and Oakley give chase and finally catch the bad dog! They take him to prison. But for the rest, you have to watch the movie to see! So sit back and enjoy the dog parody version of Bad Boys, but this time, it’s BAD DOGS!

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Crusoe the Dachshund

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