Explaining All My Weird Settings (Console) – Rainbow Six Siege


Hey Hobos! As requested, here is a video of me explaining all my weird settings on console. These are the settings and bindings/controls I use for Rainbow Six Siege. In my opinion, these are the best settings you can have for Rainbow Six Siege for PS4 or Xbox One (console).

Here are time-stamps for your convenience:
Gameplay and HUD Preferences 0:36
Audio 1:10
Video and brightness 1:35
My sensitivity settings 2:23
Best Vertical sensitivity settings 2:51
Best horizontal sensitivity settings 2:55
Deadzones 3:00
Best button assignments for Rainbow Six Siege/ my bindings for RB6

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I hope this video helps you find out the best settings and bindings for yourself and maybe taught you something about how I play that could help you play better!

This video contains tips and tricks on how to get better at Rainbow Six Siege on console or just FPS shooters on console in general. This video shows my personal settings for Rainbow Six Siege and the sensitivity settings I use to play rainbow six siege. The custom bindings I use are weird, as well as the analog stick extenders that I use, but I think it all is very useful. This video also has some good information for gamers that play on console regarding sensitivity for rainbow six siege. I installed custom analog sticks to my controller and also use analog stick extenders.

“My Settings” on console.

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As always guys, thanks for watching my videos and showing them so much love. Have a nice day! 😀

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