Exploring Abandoned Hotel Ruins & Extremely Creepy Figures on Historic Highway video


We’re headed off the beaten path and into the days of the Old West as we drive down one of California’s infamous highways – Route 80. While venturing along this old historic highway, we explore the remains of several abandoned buildings including Hotel Vaughn and its former bathhouse where Carey Grant supposedly once bathed. While on this adventure, we run into some some really strange and creepy figures overlooking the highway and the US/Mexico border.

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Video highlights include:
1) @0:00 Driving along Historic Highway 80 in Southern California
2) @0:52 Meet Jacumba Hot Springs – a living ghost town
3) @1:40 The abandoned ruins of Hotel Vaughn
4) @2:40 The abandoned remains of Hotel Vaughn’s old bathhouse – the Thomas Health Institute (Carey Grant supposedly bathed here!)
5) @6:42 We run into some REALLY STRANGE & CREEPY figures watching over Highway 80 between Jacumba Hot Springs and Bankhead Springs
6) @8:06 The abandoned remains of a former house (or maybe even a schoolhouse)

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