Fails of the Week – JULY Week 4 – 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails Montage


“That didn’t go so well…” Another hilarious montage of the best FAILS OF THE WEEK for JULY 2017. Weekly selection includes broken diving boards, hover board kid crashes into a chair, man hurts back doing karate, rope swing ends in busted face, epic blob bellyflop, woman riding bull falls off, dirtbike crashes into trailer, diving board slam, ladder bloopers, coub outtakes and moments caught on tape.

Top 10 Daily “TOP 10 FAILS OF THE MONTH” :

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The Best Fails

  1. Brutal Action
  2. Alexander Gruber
  3. Manglethe Fox
  4. Manglethe Fox
  5. acms26 - Minecraft
  6. La Talmus
  7. shadow demon
  8. BurlyRose
  9. Jespers Life
  10. Jespers Life
  11. Jespers Life
  12. Delilah
  13. XxCYANIDE xX
  14. TheRokkis
  15. Jevgenij Liniov
  16. Mick Mcnabb
  17. William
  18. Blake Carson
  19. My Lollipop
  20. daffy duck
  21. Le Blackout
  22. Nick H.
  23. OLIKx2 her
  24. Jim Lahey
  25. Richard Spriggs
  26. Livy
  27. BEN_110_35