Find new trending videos everyday with Wattl


wattl® is a massive grid of photos and videos. Explore the grid by swiping and zooming. Share hilarious moments with your friends by uploading funny videos. Put photos on the grid that all the world can see. Chat about the photos and videos on the grid. Get notified when your friends upload new content.

On wattl® content disappears if it is not popular! So make sure you upload fun stuff and tell your friends, otherwise your videos will be gone before you know it.

Discover new and exciting content daily by using the novel lens that highlights trending photos and videos. The lens is like a compass directing you to content that is popular on the grid.

The grid contains thousands of cells, each can contain a video or photo. wattl® uses an algorithm to fade cells that are no longer popular. When a cell is faded, it disappears from the grid leaving an empty space – ready for something new.

You can show you like a cell by spinning the wattl® pulse button to add as many pulses as you like.

The videos play back continually as you zoom and move around the grid, giving you a birds-eye view of many videos at once.

A cell is a space on the grid where you can upload photos or videos. You choose which cells you want to upload, wherever you like, and even upload as many cells as you want! You could put your videos next to other similar videos, or put content in popular areas on the grid. You can even make patterns or pictures with your cells!

You can comment on other peoples cells, and be notified when people comment on yours.

Find cells based on the caption and AI algorithms to search the content of images.

The Grid:
The first thing you see in the app is the grid of cells. Initially you see a close-up view of the grid. Use swiping to move around the grid, and pinch-zoom to move in and out of the grid. Tap on a cell to show more details, such as who uploaded the cell, number of views and pulses.

Upload a cell:
To upload a photo or video, you have 3 choices:
1) Navigate on the grid to an empty cell. Tap on the “upload a cell” button to open the new cell page
2) Press the orange wattl® button at the bottom of the grid page, then select the ‘+’ button
3) Swipe on the prism to the profile page and press the circle button at the bottom

On the new cell page, you can choose to record a video, take a photo or choose from your photo library. When recording or taking a photo, use the selfie button to take a selfie.

If you’ve chosen a photo you can write on it by tapping on the photo. Choose the text color by tapping the black or white circles at the top. On the next page enter a caption, before moving around the grid and tapping on the cell where you want to place the cell.

Prism Interface:
The app uses a 3D-prism interface, which allows you to change the page by swiping from the edge of the screen.

Profile page:
Each user has a profile page showing stats like number of uploaded cells, number of fans and followers and how many times their cells have been pulsed. At the bottom of the page is all of the cells that are currently live on the grid. You can set your own bio with emojis and links to your other social media profiles.

Fans and Followers:
When you tap on a cell it shows who created it, and tapping on the owner avatar will show their profile page. On the profile page you can follow the user, which means you get notified when they upload new cells.

Feed Page:
You have a feed page that shows you recent activity, such as when users you are following have uploaded new cells or people have commented on your cells.

Create a wattl® account:
* Create a wattl® account by downloading and running the app, choose a username and enter your phone number.
* Enter the code that is sent to your phone in a SMS (text) message.