Fritas story(gacha studio) (sad story) (most viewed video)


Story: she frita was 5 her mom was gone one day and never found… Replacing with a mean mom. When she went to middle school she was bullied because of her mom. But one day.. Frita friends tried to help her. But the bullies attacked frita and mike. Then frita saw her mom after years. Then mike and frita becomes siblings. Then blueberry and cherry changed then to opposite gender. Then mike is going home. Then Frita so called mom shot him. Frita still misses him today. While frita was at mike grave. THEN she got shot. But she managed to survive from mike. Frita was born in 7/15. And is 14 years old.

12 hours

Frita: main character
AC4E: missing mom
Mike: Frita”s bff (becomes her brother)
Cherry: bully
Beverly: frita step mom.
Will: mikes best friend
Muffin: background person

Power director
Gacha studio

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