Funniest Sled Videos! | Funny Kids Compilation


Everyone remembers their first sled ride! The cold air, that extra padded heavy winter jacket you wear only a few times a year, that “sled” that Mom may or may not use when she does laundry… who could possible forget? Especially those epic moments when the laundry basket, we mean, sled doesn’t quite cut it, TUMBLES OVER A PATCH OF ICE and ends in a FREEZING FACE PLANT. Check out the Funniest Sled Moments from AFV and share with all of your people!

Which of these hilarious sled moments remind you of your childhood? Is it when the DOG TAKES OUT his little boy best friend by accident (7:02)? Or is it when the little girl in the donut tube FLIPS OVER and breaks out in laughter (8:32)? Let us know in the comments, be sure to capture your funny sled fails on camera and submit them to AFV!

Funniest Sled Videos! | Funny Kids Compilation


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