Harry Styles Defies Gravity & Walks On Water In “Sign Of The Times” Music Video

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This morning Harry Style’s dropped his official “Sign of the Times” music video which proves he is most certainly not from our world. Is he a bird? A superhero? A wizard? An angel? We’ll let you guys decide.

The video starts with Harry strolling down the windy Scottish shoreline in a trenchcoat, as he passionately sings into the camera. That’s when the singer notices something strange. He. Can. Fly!

Harry eventually lifts a few inches off the ground, and before we know it the beat drops and he’s soaring high above us. Harry defies gravity soaring high over the sea, the forest, then the sea again. And as you saw in the clip, he can ALSO walk on water.

It seems Harry took his lyrics, “We gotta get away from here” quite literally and has decided to leave us here on Earth. The video is so simple, yet so powerful. Here’s to hoping that Harry shows off his flying ability on his new tour, which by the way, sold out in just 2 minutes on Friday.

Now tell us your thoughts on Harry’s high flying video? What message do you think he’s trying to send us mortals? After you leave all your thoughts below, check out this video where Harry dishes on who his “Sweet Creature” song is all about.

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