Here’s a post for anyone who’s been tormented by the hurtful words of gossip & r…

Here's A Post For Anyone Who's Been Tormented By The Hurtful Words Of Gossip & R...

Here’s a post for anyone who’s been tormented by the hurtful words of gossip & rumors. At the time, they are so hurtful & my gosh you are left wondering why the fuck someone would go out of their way to deliberately hurt your feelings & or damage your reputation.
My luvs, there is only one action for this. Rise above it ??❤️ it’s not easy to sit back and watch people drop like dead flies from your friends list, aquaintences list, followers list, hell even just those so called ‘I know that person’ list, whatever list is important to you, as much as anyone can say they aren’t important, if they are to you then that’s ok. Accept the hurt, embrace the loss & try your hardest to see a road ahead where their opinions don’t matter anymore.
I’ve been bullied most of my adult life, not all, but a huge chunk and just when I feel as though I’m untouchable because my confidence is strong, someone proves me wrong. Talk about life keeping me humble hey.
On the days you feel it’s the hardest to keep your Shit together, you have to try harder to focus on positive things. Let your shit fall apart.
Ask yourself this; how would I feel if I knew, that everyone who matters, knows exactly who I am, & loves me? Now let that warm feeling in your stomach take over & smile.
Keep doing this every time you have hard moments. Flick the switch and create good feelings.
#13reasons I love you all, have a fab day ❤️#loveyou #nomakeup #sunshinecoast #cheeryboossomtree #fitmum #hooters #exercise #selflove #smile #gossip #strength #boussonisabitch #jokes #sorrynotsorry

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