Here’s What’s So Exciting About Celebrity Edge!


This is the cruise ship that everybody’s going to be talking about in 2019. She’s full of innovative new features, including improvements on a lot of things that Royal Caribbean has pioneered in their recent ships, such as Anthem Of The Seas.

I’ll show you how construction is coming along on Celebrity Cruise Line’s newest ship, and fill you in on some of her most notable features… including the Magic Carpet, a hard-to-miss feature on the starboard side of the ship.

I’ll also give you a peek at an entirely new type of stateroom with what Celebrity is calling an “infinite veranda”. This allows you to fully open up the wall between the cabin and the balcony, giving you a greater feeling of being connected to the sea, and making your cabin feel much larger.

Music credit for the end of the video:
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Jim Zimmerlin

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