Highlight Reel #288 – Nier’s 2B Is Ready For Liftoff

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1. Splinter Cell: Double Agent – No time for chokeholds, my truck needs me! – TheHusky

In Splinter Cell: Double agent, A+ truck entry.

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call of Pripyat – Out the Window – schakal017

In Stalker, dogfenestration.

3. Titanfall 2 – dodge just in time – fives23/ALN-Isolator

In Titanfall 2, perfect dodge timing.

4. Battlefield 1 – some light tank humor – LovesFrags

In Battlefield 1, killed by his arch-nemesis.

5. Steep – diving – Trilogy187

In Steep, there are so many opportunities to wingsuit.

6. Overwatch – Graviton Ping Pong – NouiIIes

In NouiIIes’ (pronounced new-yea) game of overwatch, two genjis play graviton ping pong.

7. Rainbow 6 Siege – One of the most BS kills – Mike FaTaL0505 Coatez

In Rainbow 6, Mike tries to put their hometown of melbourne on the map.

8. Rainbow 6 Siege – Dramatic Death (direct file) – xxhatchxx

Also in Rainbow 6, this dramatic death.

9. Mass Effect Andromeda – Weird Leg (direct file) – Kyle B
In Mass Effect Andromeda, this weird leg situation.

10. Mass Effect Andromeda – relaxes me – Brandon Orlosky

Man, Peebee really needs to relax.

11. For Honor – You came to the wrong ledge – YellowoboeThe

In For Honor, these guys came to the wrong ledge.

12. Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Stealth Level 100 – Howling Mad Doc

In Ghost Recon, this is next level stealth.

13. Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Who needs a parachute? – Lee Gilmore

In Ghost Recon, parachuting is for amateurs.

14. Nier: Automata – Deja Vu – i made this in 2 minutes -UltimaBlues/Jaushelberg

Remixed from this source footage:

In Nier….

15. Nier: Automata – Flight Suit Not Needed (direct file) – gamazor

Also in Nier, 2b doesn’t need a flight suit.

16. LoZ: Breath of the Wild – Breath of the Wild – Wahgo Katta Shrine Metal Bridge Skip (Stasis) – Kitty

In Breath of the wild, Kitty has been abusing stasis to break the shrines.

17. LoZ: Breath of the Wild – Hyrule Space Program – Test Flight 10974671 – Xiphos Gaming

And let’s wind down today with the Hyrule Space program in Breath of the Wild.

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