Highlight Reel #453 – Call Of Duty Team Destroyed With One Bullet


Today on Highlight Reel we Kinect-enabled Smash, horse crap gifts, friendly Resident Evil 2 zombies, and much more!

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1.Destiny 2 – Titans can fit into the smallest of spaces. – EnazAF

In Destiny 2, Titans can fit into the tiniest spaces.

2. Pokerstar VR – Jump Scares FEAR WHAT LURKS BELOW! – Mr. Impossibro

In Pokerstar VR, boo

3. Resident Evil 2 (Demo) – Royank Gaming

In the Resident Evil 2 demo, he was just trying to say hi

4. Vampyr – O_Lilium

In Vampyr, It’s said that crosses ward off vampires

5. R6 Siege – Satisfying 1v2 transfer – aidano

Satisfying transfer.

6. Vermintide 2 – We cannot simply walk through solid oak – Ryan

In Vermintide 2, oak.

7. Just Cause 4 – “Initiation” – An Evolve Stunting Teamtage – Evolve Stunting

Here’s Evolve Stunting again in Just Cause 4, where the physics blow them away

8. Battlefield V – Bruh. What kind of helmet does she have? .-. Maxie52

[BFV] Bruh. What kind of helmet does she have? .-. from Battlefield

In battlefield V What kind of helmet does she have?

9. Battlefield 1 – Waq Will

Karma for teabaggers.

10. Battlefield V – Why you don’t camp in one spot – Red The Tiny

Lastly in battlefield, here’s why you don’t camp in one spot.

11. COD: Black Ops 4 – Helicopter under the map – (direct file) Rockattack
In Black Ops 4, weird place to park a helicopter but ok man.

12. COD: Black Ops 4 – mesh mined a helicopter – blt28

Mesh Mined a Helicopter from Blackops4

Also in Black Ops, mesh mine.

13. COD: Black Ops 4 – One Bullet Team Wipe (IG Credit: th_strasser)
Credit – https://www.instagram.com/th_strasser/

One bullet team wipe from Blackops4

Lastly, one bullet team wipe.

14. RDR2 – standing beheaded corpse – Mr Pullups

In red dead Just gonna….hide this down here.

15. RDR2 – Noise and Faith – (direct file) Matt Kastigar
Dutch says we need noise and faith, and he means it.

16. RDR2 – Poop Platter – Joseph Rodriguez

I think I’m good on payment.

17. RDO – Cool Guys don’t look at explosions – CapnJackson

Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions from reddeadredemption


18. SSBU – The Kinect Controller Mod – A Twerking Yoshi

Info on it: https://imgur.com/gallery/nNgAdlS
Lastly today, here’s ATwerkingYoshi’s kinect mod for Smash Bros.


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