Hilarious Movie Bloopers You Need to See


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It’s a relatively cushy job that seems to pay pretty well, but that doesn’t mean being a movie star isn’t hard work. Multi-million-dollar productions rely on an actor’s ability to, you know, act, so there’s a lot of pressure for them to do a good job, And not everyone is great under pressure. An actor will occasionally, for whatever reason, forget their lines, and they all flub in different ways. They also deal with the embarrassment differently, and often hilariously. Here are some famous actors who were caught messing up their dialogue…

Laurence Fishburne | 0:35
Bradley Cooper | 1:23
Christina Applegate | 1:57
Paul Rudd | 2:43
Ben Stiller | 3:11
Timothy Dalton | 3:45
Mila Kunis | 4:25
Rob Riggle | 5:00
Harrison Ford | 5:25

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