House completely filled with wubble bubbles!

Today started out with a late breakfast with my girlfriend, i broke a glass of apple juice with my fidget spinner. Opened some fan mail and headed home to start to fill the house with Wubble bubbles! We started the project at 2 o’clock work all the way into the night! This was the coolest house filling we have ever done! We got most of the Wubble bubbles to be 6ft big, they would also randomly pop from time to time. My friends and I all played with the Wubble bubbles and began to hit each other with them. Every Time we hit each other with the Wubble bubbles they would explode! It was the coolest experience I’ve ever had in my house with Wubble bubbles! We had a Wubble bubbles fight and then started to use weapons. We whipped them and threw throwing knifes at the Wubble bubbles! I threw a firecracker in one and it didn’t make it in and it blew up in the house!! This was the best day. Doing the Wubble bubbles house filling was awesome! What would you do with all the Wubble bubbles?

NOTE FROM NSI, the makers of the Wubble: This prank was done with the original Wubble Bubble Ball. New SUPER WUBBLE is four times stronger and more tear-resistant. We recommend inflating the balls no more than 36 inches (24-30 is best). Over inflating makes them thinner, which makes them weaker. A lot of the balls in this video were overinflated and, while AWESOMELY HUGE, it made them more prone to popping!

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