How is Magic the Gathering Like Jazz?


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One of the most requested episode topics I’ve received here at Idea Channel is for Magic. The Card Game, not, like, Mind Freaks. I’ve hesitated because Magic is … complicated … and while I used to play a lot, I don’t anymore. So … I’m out of practice. BUT! After some research, and TONS of help from Patrick–Idea Channel’s consulting producer–we’ve put together an idea about Magic. And it has to do with Jazz. If you’re familiar with EITHER I wanna be clear: we’re painting with a REALLY broad brush–both Magic and jazz are huge subjects difficult to summarize in any amount of time, let alone a fifteen minute video–so go easy on me with the WELL ACTUALLIES. And if you’re familiar with BOTH, you’re probably thinking – OK HERE WE GO MAGIC IS LIKE JAZZ BECAUSE IMPROVISATION and yes… but also we’re gonna get beyond that idea; what we’re gonna try to do is use each to explain the other, in an effort to understand some similarities, and one big difference, in how they work as systems. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Coming on Friday!



I included some we didn’t use, as well, just for fun:

Peter Brötzmann

Coltrane – Giant Steps

derek bailey / tony oxley

Milt Jackson – Bag’s Groove

Cecil Taylor – Free Improvisation #3

Thelonious Monk – Live In ’66 Norway & Denmark concerts

Thelonious Monk – Rhythm a Ning (live)

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew Clip

Chick Corea, Vinnie Colaiuta,John Patitucci


0:27 2016 Magic World Championship Round 4 (Standard)- Steve Rubin vs. Kazuyuki Takimura

1:41 Opening a $45 Target 3 Magic the Gathering Booster Pack

1:47 Alpha Starter 4 ! Alpha Black Lotus ! Retitled! Openboosters

1:53 The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 102- Gwent, Playing the Innkeeps

3:52 Mclaren Automotive Factory Tour – Start to Finish

3:57 Shepard Fairey: Printing “Harmony & Discord” at Pace Prints

4:32 I Don’t Like Thing

4:51 Play 26 SONGS with 4 CHORDS!! Part 1 – Chords and Songs

4:56 Dizzy Gillespie – Salt Peanuts

5:35 2016 Magic World Championship Round 4 (Standard)- Steve Rubin vs. Kazuyuki Takimura

5:46 Pro Tour Return to Ravnica- Finals

6:21 2016 Magic World Championship Round 4 (Standard)- Steve Rubin vs. Kazuyuki Takimura

6:26 ASSSSCAT DCM15 – Monologist Louis CK

6:28 Eminem ft Royce Da 5’9 & Mr Porter freestyle – Westwood

6:36 Deckbuilding 101

7:34 Magic- The Gathering – Inside the World’s Most Played Trading Card Game

8:23 [Hearthstone] Opening 1000 Un’Goro Packs

8:32 OPENING 40 GASHAPON TOY CAPSULES! [Cute & Weird Japanese Toys!]

9:45 Crushing Stretch Armstrong with hydraulic press

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