How To Talk Your Way Out Of Bedtime! | Hilarious Kids Who Don't Want To Go To Bed Compilation


I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP! LOL! Let’s admit it: some of us don’t really like to go to bed. Or take a nap. Babies don’t want lullabies, they want adventures! We get it, and these babies do, too. In this compilation, these kids and babies are going to show you how to get out of bed time. Sometimes you just need to say, “no!” Don’t sleep, am I right…? LOL! Maybe that’s not how you say it, but these kids are sleepy, they are not ready for bed time, and they are letting us know! The girl at 1:08 knows how it’s done — distract them with your flashy looks. Pose for a picture! Or the kid at 4:55. Make your parents BELIEVE you are sleeping even though you’re not. Works like a charm!

LIKE this video if you don’t want to go to bed! COMMENT down below with your favorite clip. We loved the clip at 7:48. He goes FLYING in his bedroom!


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