How to viral video on youtube-youtube par video viral kesy kare-how to rank youtube video


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How to viral video on youtube-youtube par video viral kesy kare-how to rank youtube video
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How To Make A YouTube Video Go Viral For Free

The dream of every vlogger is to create a video that will become so viral, thus making them a YouTube celebrity. The problem is that the chances of that happening are very low. One of the reasons why that’s the case is that the competition is huge.

There are almost a billion hours of video material on YouTube at the moment. Furthermore, over 300 hours of video get uploaded to this platform every minute.

This means that the chance that your video will reach millions of views is tiny.

Still, there is hope! More than a fifth of the entire world’s population is on YouTube, meaning that the demand for new interesting videos is massive. If you play your cards right, you can make your video go extremely viral!

What Exactly is a Viral Video?

Although there’s no official definition of what a viral video is, it’s fair to say that it’s any YouTube clip that becomes hugely popular in a short period of time. That happens through sharing on social media, email, and popular websites, and so on, but also by getting views via YouTube’s search engine and algorithm.

According to the YouTuber Nalts, each video that gets over 5 million views in less than a week is generally considered viral. In the past, the number of views needed for a video to be qualified as “viral” was much less, but it grew larger as the number of YouTube users increased.

At the moment, the title of the most viral video ever holds the Kony 2012 video, made by Invisible Children, Inc. It reached 34M views in only 3 days since the upload.

Another good example of a viral video is Gangnam Style a song by South Korean rapper Psy, which reached a billion-view milestone after only 5 months.

6 Types of Videos That Go Viral

If you take a look at the list of the most viral videos on YouTube, you will be able to spot a pattern. The fact is that certain types of videos are more likely to get viral than others. Those include the following:

Music Videos – 95 out of top most-viewed YouTube videos are music videos! At the moment, Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is topping the list with over 4 billion views!

Children Videos – The 5 entries in the top 100 YouTube list which are not music videos are Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster, Wheels on the Bus, Johny Johny Yes Papa, HUGE EGGS SURPRISE TOYS CHALLENGE, and Masha and the Bear: Bon appétit. All of these videos are meant for children!

Funny Animal Videos – People love to laugh, which is why it is not a surprise that videos featuring cute animals go viral pretty often.

Funny Falls and Mishaps – According to Dr. William F. Fry, the founder of gelotology (the science of laughter), it’s natural for humans to find it funny when someone falls or suffers a minor misfortune. Of course, it’s not funny if the accident has serious consequences, although even such videos attract the views of curious minds.

Inappropriate Videos – People love watching scandalous videos that challenge the common decency. The only reason why such videos are not more popular is that YouTube either bans them completely or allows only adults to watch them.

Celebrity Videos – Everything certain celebs do is interesting to some people. This means that even the most seemingly boring celebrity videos are getting a lot of views on YouTube. Still, the videos with celebrities falling down or getting into fights are usually the ones that get the most attention.

As you can see from the examples above, luck plays a major role in the world of YouTube. This means that all you need is a lucky break! Unfortunately, an average YouTuber doesn’t get the opportunity for making the videos that would get viral on their own.


Rather than relying only on the lady luck, vloggers need to do their best in order to make their videos popular. Although doing it is not easy, making your videos viral is definitely not impossible!

So, how to make a video go viral? Here are a couple of things you could do in order to improve your video’s chances of going viral!

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