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In this video I have shown a trick to choose the Best Video Title and how to get the best Tags of Viral Videos. You will know the way to choose and write the best title for your YouTube videos and how to get the top ranked tags for the YouTube videos to make your video viral.

Youtube video title is a very important thing to be ranked. Your Title should be specific and best ranked. The chances of being viewed will be increased if there are less competitions, In this video I have shown a trick to write the best video title with less competition which increases the chances of your YouTube videos to be viewed and get large number of viewers and make your video viral. You can increase viewers by this tips.

YouTube videos tags are one of the most important things to be ranked and optimize search engine , If you want to be ranked in YouTube search results then you need the top ranked tags. In this video I have shown a trick and tips to get the top ranked tags or find the tags of the viral videos.

I hope this video will be helpful for you to get the tips to write the best YouTube video titles and to know the trick to find the top ranked tags used in viral videos.

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