User has selected topics and would like to extract using subject locator URLs. Each subject locator is considered as a video feed URL.
* User has selected topics and would like to extract using subject identifier URLs. This option assumes every subject identifier is a video feed URL.
* User has selected topics and would like to extract using selected topics. This option assumes selected topics are
** YouTube categories,
** YouTube users, or
** YouTube keywords.
Extraction recognizes topic type and starts extraction if valid topic type was found.


== Search for videos ==

To seek videos with given query word select tab Search and write your search word the text field and press OK button.


== YouTube user feed ==

User tab allows extraction of specific YouTube user. User video feed contains videos the user has uploaded to the YouTube. ”’Default”’ refers to the username used to authenticate YouTube extractor.


== Extract using exact feed url ==

If video feed URL is known, Wandora user is capable to extract the URL feed directly using URL tab in Wandora’s YouTube extractor.


== YouTube extraction example ==

The image below views Wandora after one YouTube extraction. User has selected default video feed option with ”’Most Viewed”’ and time limit ”’All time”’. After successful extraction Wandora user has opened video ”'”Weird Al” Yankovic – White & Nerdy (-xEzGIuY7kw)”’.


Then Wandora user opens the author topic ”’alyankovic”’ as shown below. Note Wandora contains only one video for the author at the moment.


Now user starts the YouTube extractor again and selects Context tab with ”’Recognize topic type and extract using type”’ ticked.


As ”’alyankovic”’ topic is in context the expected video feed should contain videos that YouTube user ”’alyankovic”’ has uploaded to the service. Image below views Wandora after successful context extraction. Note the number of ”’YouTube video-author”’ associations has increased. Now Wandora contains all videos uploaded by user ”’alyankovic”’.


== YouTube extraction notes ==

* Extraction doesn’t make local copies of videos and thumbnails. They still locate in YouTube. Only URLs referring media content is included into the topic map.
* You can’t watch YouTube videos with Wandora application as Wandora has no video player. However, some videos may work if topic map is browsed with WWW browser using Wandora’s [[Embedded HTTP server]].
* Wandora can not be used to upload videos to YouTube. Neither Wandora modifies data stored in YouTube.


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