Hungry Hungry Hamsters – Case Video


Supremo – one of the largest producer of canned goods and food products in the country is struggling to reach its target audience, as young housewives simply don’t care for traditional advertising.

Our research shows, they are mostly attracted to soap operas and scrolling cute things on social media.

The Solution:

Soap operas + cute videos = the Hungry Hungry Hamsters!

We created Video show series about the ordinary family:

The Father – who loves politics and eating.
The Mother – who’s working at a food store and tastes everything around.
The Son – who’s struggling with insomnia and eats day and night.
The Daughter – who’s constantly working out and eats to stay fit.
The Grandfather – who never talks because he ate a lot

The first season was a huge hit with the viewers. With one short episode per week posted on Supremo’s Facebook page, we quickly built up a hardcore fan-base.