IF ADULTS ACTED LIKE BABIES. How weird would it be? || Comedy by 5-Minute FUN


How weird it would be if adults acted like babies? Hard to imagine? Then watch the video!
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Things babies do that’d be creepy if you did them:
0:14 Playing with a sticky note like a baby
0:29 Drive a table
0:38 To bother people in meetings
0:51 Climb on the table
1:01 Poop in front of other people
1:13 Spreading out food
1:20 Taking brakes for a nap with baby bottles
1:28 Getting upset over little things and overreact
1:46 To drag anything into your mouth
2:00 Play with noisy toys
2:10 Be excited about puddles
2:22 Sleep in weird places
2:48 Take things from other people
2:57 Poop on but not in the toilet

It was definitely weird and crazy. So, if you enjoyed the video let us know in the comments!

1:47 Chuck is getting a ride
1:58 Chuck is getting squeezed
2:21 Chuck is sleeping
3:23 Chuck vs. Duck

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