Insane Celebrity Body Transformations for Movie Roles


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Sometimes, actors have to change their appearance to star in a movie. They dye their hair, get green skin with the help of a make-up artist, or even conduct experiments with their own weight. Everyone knows it can affect their health, but actors would do anything for a great role, right? Everyone can see the result of such experiments, because often actors who have undergone physical changes for the sake of a role become unrecognizable! You don’t believe us? Then keep watching.

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  1. Yo Bro
  2. Andrey
  3. PerhapsOOTMM
  4. axelskull
  5. Adip thapa magar
  6. Tre Williams
  7. Ally-Moore Jackson
  8. De'Marcus Jones
  9. Nasty Nate
  10. Brannu Studios
  11. Colter Davis
  12. Ronald Reed
  13. Eielson Jack
  14. Be Red
  15. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness
  16. gjaddajg
  17. jhunxxx
  18. BIG JO
  19. M mmm
  20. Caligula Germanicus
  21. Gulam Faiez Pasha
  22. Dirty Dave
  23. Dan Hwood
  24. Stephen Stephenson
  25. AGUA 93
  26. oh yea yea yea
  27. Lykourgos Fylaktakis
  28. Pedro Passos
  29. Manish Singh
  30. RichardJinny
  31. AxeKick80
  32. Banja Luka BiH
  33. posh day
  34. Abacus The Great
  35. dvlarry
  36. plaguelock
  37. plaguelock
  38. Aplexgamer
  39. klowN MOB