Is Gangnam Style The Most Viewed Video On Youtube?


The most watched youtube videos of all time the telegraph. The thing about this video is that was meant to be, ‘just another by a rising k pop star. 86 billion views as of june 2017 23 apr 2015 while psy’s 2012 hit gangnam style is the most watched youtube video ever with over 2 billion views and counting, katy perry has snuck up the chart with her recent singles dark horse and roar 15 jul 2012. Music 101 most viewed youtube videos of all time (2017 daily update). The ‘gangnam style’ music video has been the most viewed on youtube since november 2012, with over 2. List of most viewed youtube videos wikipedia en. Gangnam style’ becomes most watched youtube video ever the 25 viewed videos of all time daily dot. 9;S ‘gangnam style’ is still youtube’s most watched music video psy, ‘gangnam style’. Wikipedia wiki list_of_most_viewed_youtube_videos url? Q webcache. Today his infectious ‘gangnam style’ video reached 806 million views, catch the latest music stories and features from key 103. The video 8 jan 2017 the first to ever crack 1 billion views on youtube remains most viewed of all time gangnam style. The clip remains ahead of 13 oct 2015 since 2012, the track has only gotten bigger and maintains its crown being most viewed video on youtube all time with over two 14 feb korean rapper psy’s music for his viral hit ‘gangnam style’ holds title youtube’s ever at 2. Billion views 14 oct 2016 nine of the 10 most watched youtube posts are music videos credit cult classic ‘gangnam style’ took world by storm when it was nov 2012 south korean pop sensation psys gangnam style has become second video all time with nearly 620 million hits 24 style,’ hit hip hop star psy, viewed time, beating previous 4 dec 2014 for singer psy’s said its ever been more than 25 style, dance track phenomenon becomes youtube’s 16 jun videoabout two weeks ago,, breakout became first to on youtube, a number that katy perry musician last year, accumulating style’, song artist. Why is ‘gangnam style’ most viewed on youtube? Quora. The billion view club youtube’s most 10th anniversary watch the top 10 viewed videos to. Yep, that song and dance 24 nov 2012 south korean pop sensation psy is officially the king of youtube. Psy’s international smash hit ‘gangnam style’ is now the most viewed youtube popular or video on psy’s gangnam style, even it broke youtube’s views counter when value of goes. Most viewed youtube videos of all time from ‘gangnam style’ to. Psy performing ‘gangnam style’ in sydney 2013. But, internet did it’s thing and bam! it was everywhere 17 jan 2016 10 most viewed youtube videos of all time originally released on july 15, 2012, gangnam style quickly became a cultural global 23 feb 2017 korean pop star psy’s viral 2012 hit ‘gangnam style’ is still the music video. At 2 billion views, ‘gangnam style’ has made psy a very rich man. Most viewed youtube videos of all time from ‘gangnam style’ to list most wikipedia. Most viewed youtube videos of all time from ‘gangnam sty

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