Kid Temper Tantrum Returns To Disneyland Day One – Kids Wanted To Travel By Luggage


Leland returns to Disneyland, but is Disneyland ready to take him back?

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Today the family is returning to Disneyland California in 2018. The countdown is over and the family has packed up the family van. Little did the family know that their ride in the family van will be the last since later on the family got word that Nana who took the family van back got into a head on on the freeway, totaling up the family van. But Lee and Carole were about to broad the plane and there wasn’t much they could do. The vacation starts out very stressful after learning about Nana’s car crash. But the vacation must go on.
The family boarded the plane and they were on their way to Long Beach California. Disneyland trip 2018 has kicked off, but how will it turn out for the family? Will the kids behave at 10,000 ft in the air? How will the kids react once the family pulls up to Disneyland? Will Nana be alright after her car crash? Find out, There’s a lot happening in this video.

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