Kids are Savage 12! | Funny & Sassy Kids Fails Videos


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I know a #savage when I see one, and let me tell ya…these kids are totally savage! Like too savage… Check out these sassy kids who say and do the most savage things. This comp has some sassy kids, ruthless kids, trouble maker kids, and everyone in between. And they don’t care who sees it because, you guessed it, they’re savage kids! There are even some savage babies! I don’t know if you’re ready for how hilarious these funny kids videos are!

Like this compilation if you think that you’re a savage! Comment down below and tell us what your favorite clip is. Mine has to be the one at 02:52 where everyone keeps claiming the other kid for making the miss! It’s a classic disaster lol. How does one girl have so much sas?! You’ll have to just watch the funny video to see πŸ˜‚ That girl is the epitome of savage lol!!!

Kids are Savage 12! | Funny & Sassy Kids Fails Videos

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