Kung Fu vs No-Gi Jiu Jitsu – Trending Videos In China Commentary (Zheng Jiakuan vs Zhang Long)


This video has been trending all over China, and trending all over the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA communities all over the world, so I wanted to bring you the breakdown that you all want. Here is a traditional kung fu fighter, Zheng Jiakuan, student of failed Xu Xiaodong challenger Ma Baoguo, taking on BJJ teacher Zhang Long. We look at the match and see how the no-gi jiu jitsu teacher took on the kung fu fighter. The kung fu fighter was either unaware of jiu jitsu rules or just not good at keeping them because it was clear he eye gouged, throat hit and tried to attack after tapping. Also, do you agree with me that the rules are going to make traditional kung fu people come up with excuses like, “Long Ge won because of the rules.”

I found this match here and here


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