Latest Entertainment News – Model giving water bottles photobombs celeb pics at Golden Globes


— Model giving water bottles photobombs celeb pics at Golden Globes —
A model in a violet dress handing out Fiji Water bottles has gone viral on the internet after she appeared in the background of almost every celebrity’s pictures at the Golden Globe Awards’ red carpet on Monday. People shared her pictures and called her ‘Fiji water girl’. Some even joked that she must be given the best supporting role award.
— Was awkward to see half-naked players in dressing room: KL Rahul —
On being asked about the most embarrassing thing he walked into the locker room, batsman KL Rahul said it was awkward for him to see half-naked India cricketers roaming around dressing room. “Coming from the team of Karnataka, from…south India, we don’t do that,” he added. “I realised…everybody’s cool so I did that and…got embarrassed myself,” he further said.
— Whatever I am today is because of Ajay Devgn: Rohit Shetty —
Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has said whatever he’s today is because of actor Ajay Devgn and added that Ajay has been a great support system. Talking about casting Ranveer Singh in ‘Simmba’, Rohit added, “Ranveer’s like a younger brother. But Ajay will always be special…It’s not a comparison between two…heroes. [Ajay] is like my elder brother and that can never change.”
— Y’all some stupid motherf***ers if you vote for Trump: Snoop Dogg —
Amid the partial US government shutdown, rapper Snoop Dogg has called on federal workers, who aren’t being paid right now, to not re-elect Donald Trump as the President in 2020. He added that federal workers who’ll vote for Trump are some “stupid motherf***ers”. “So if he…really don’t give a f**k about us. So f**k him too,” Snoop Dogg further said.
— I questioned if I deserve to be in this position: Janhvi on nepotism —
Actress Janhvi Kapoor, while speaking about the topic of nepotism, said, “The whole nepotism debate (when I was making my debut in ‘Dhadak’) did make me question if I deserved to be in this position.” “I do come from a place of privilege. I’d be the dumbest person on the planet if I didn’t do anything about it,” she added.

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