legendary clean vines to watch in class


i do not own any of these vines.

sorry this is so short and bad. i wanted to make a better one but school work & procrastination aren’t a great combo. so yes, you can see the times where i adjusted the volume and where I cut it off. sorry ab that. anyways, pls enjoy and mrs. mandy thanks for being a legend. – ashlee 🙂

claire ramirez

  1. claire ramirez
  2. Blaze mordly
  3. Splat TheMCInkling34
  4. Trevor Reese
  5. Agus Gomix
  6. Annyssa Davis
  7. Nika Žbogar
  8. Lil_Miss _Shortie
  9. Le Lenny Face
  10. Nadiira Playz Fortnite
  11. Inferno Lazer
  12. kenzie maroney
  13. Ashley Salamanca
  14. Lightning Bolt
  15. 3Kiddos R
  16. Velvetrøseq
  17. Envianna Hodge
  18. dabbing _unicorns
  19. Robster Lobstar
  20. clo ne
  21. Jennette Gallese and fgteev4000
  22. Abigail Krolczyk