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March 2019 Birthing Announcements

6am – Sadie Delivered Twin Bucklings – Bear and Billy

8:22pm – Greta Delivered Singleton Buckling – Uno

12:45pm – Amy delivered buck/doe twins – Bentley and Tesla

11am – Rainey delivered a buckling – Thunder

4pm – Deanndra delivered buck/doe twins – Tango & Tally
No video available as the camera reset before a highlight could me captured
5am – Lucy delivered buck/doe twins – Shrek and Fiona

9am – Charlotte delivered buck/doe twins – Pi and Apple

9pm – Genevieve gives birth to one Buckling – Jack

4pm – Danica delivered Twin Doelings – Grace & Evelyn

3/18/19 – Poppy delivered Single Doeling – Penelope

There are 3 Orange Barn kitties who roam the barn. They are Hunter, Miles and Shyla

To learn who all the goats and kitties are, visit our blog

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