Making 4 Types of DIY Slime with Weird Mixing Objects Challenge!

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➳ Making 4 Types of DIY Slime with Weird Objects Challenge! I made basic slime, fluffy slime, cream cheese slime, and clear slime in this video! I have not discovered anyone doing this on YouTube, so I thought it would be an interesting idea. I am not going to say that I am the first one to come up with this, so if you’re up to do this challenge, go ahead :D! In fact, I’d love to see other people attempt this too! I hope you enjoy!
Slime Supplies:

Elmer’s Gallon Glue –
Liquid Starch –
Borax –
Contact Lens Solution (2 pack) –
Multi-colored Styrofoam Beads –
Fruit/Fimo Slices –
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