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I shared these links the other day on the ‘community’ tab and have included some more that I have found super helpful since I have been educating myself more.

Black lives matter, and we mustn’t forget that even when the topic is no longer trending on social media. Please do all you can to help, whether that be sign the many petitions that honestly take 1 minute of your time to sign (links below), donate, or share the message. There is also this great video you can watch if you can’t currently donate, where it a) has many great black content creators work featured and b) all of the money from the ads go to supporting the black lives matter movement. Even if you are too busy for that, you can just play it in the background whilst letting the adverts roll, you don’t have to do ANYTHING, just let the ads do their thing:

and remember, take care of yourself and look after YOUR wellbeing, its a tough time and you have to make sure you are looking after yourself.
This site has a lot of links, where you can sign petitions and donate to the official George Floyd Memorial Fund.

I found this article helpful;…
This also has a great whole heap of resources such as books you can read, podcasts to listen to etc,…
What is white privilege?

I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand.


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