Making REAL Slime Simulator Slimes!!! Weird VIRAL Slime App Test!


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This is a review of the viral slime game Super Slime Simulator! I’ve seen the app on Instagram a lot lately, and was thinking of making something about it. A fan account @cutelifehacksdefan requested this as well so I took that as a sign to make this video :)! To make it more interesting I decided to create real versions of the digital slimes as well. The app was actually very useful in giving you ideas for real slime since you can play around with colors and textures. The ASMR in the game was on point, however the graphics and animation could be improved. This is video is not sponsored by the game however feel free to download it here if you want to try it out!
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♥ THANKS to fan account @cutelifehacksdefan for suggesting this video! ♥

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