Minecraft – Cute Cat Cafe Tutorial!


Hey guys! Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Today I thought I would do something a little different and teach you guys how to build a Cat Cafe! I haven’t built a shop on my channel yet so thought it’d be nice to build this cute little one. I built a Cat Cafe last year on the PvE server I play on so thought it’d be fun to show you guys how to build your own 🙂

Comment down below with any suggestions for builds/tutorials you have for me! 🙂

►Link to the 30 Different Pet Decorations video I mentioned: https://youtu.be/bXFmQ3lQ-7s

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▶︎ I play Minecraft on PC, currently version 1.12
▶︎ The shader I use is Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders or Sliders Vibrant Shaders, I don’t play with texture packs. I have Forge, Liteloader, WECui and Optifine mods installed to play shaders as well as moderate on the server I play on.

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“Fretless” Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com
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