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-About this video
– About HxH

-About this video

Well today my model is 3 years old and I thought why not making a video. I’m sorry its boring and not about HxH. But If anyone wants my self model here is the link:


The file has all the clothes in the video (plus 2 more)

lol I didn’t make a DL video for Feitan and Kalluto (My models) I’m a terrible “mother” XD but you can also find them in my Deviant account

I created my self model a year after starting MMD. Woah, 4 years doing weird videos. Thank you so much for all your support. It makes me happy someone likes my work ♥

-About HxH

I’m literally working on random stuffs. REALLY. I was going to do an early Halloween video but I haven’t find a good song yet. BUT NEXT SATURDAY WE WILL HAVE RANDOM STUFF VIDEO

Credits for this video
Model me
Motion Ureshiii
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-Les tira el modelo y se va-

Golden Wings

  1. Tyler Jackson
  2. Maria Emad
  3. KarasuLover
  4. Teesa G