Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Sites Recently Discovered!


Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Sites Recently Discovered! From ancient archaeological discoveries to lost civilizations finally found, this top 10 list of incredible ancient discoveries will amaze you!

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10. Maya Structures, Guatemala
Just last year in 2018, following a large scale survey in northern Guatemala, more than 60,000 previously unknown Maya structures were discovered. Among the finds were farms, houses, defenses, and more than 60 miles of roads and waterways that connected the cities.

9. Kemune Palace
As climate change continues to affect the weather around the world, archaeologists are taking advantage of falling water levels to uncover long lost structures. One of the most impressive sites that have been recently revealed was in the Mosul Dam reservoir in Iraq.

8. Egyptian Burial Sites
In early 2019, researchers announced an incredible discovery in the river Nile Delta where they found a series of ancient tombs that dated back to the Second Intermediate Period between 1782 and 1570 BCE. In total there were 20 burial sites in the Kom al-Kholgan site, which is about 87 miles north of Cairo.

7. Tušhan, Turkey
In early 2018, construction of the Ilisu dam on the river Tigris in southeast Turkey was completed, and since then more than 115 square miles of land was flooded, which resulted in the loss of 500 archaeological sites, and the displacement of more than 70,000 people.

6. Iron Age Settlements, Scotland
Scotland is used to it raining, but in 2018 a drought changed things so much that a series of ancient sites were uncovered. Since the 1930s, authorities have conducted aerial surveys of the landscape, and the images that were taken following the drought showed some interesting developments.

5. Lake Titicaca
Between the 5th and 12th centuries AD, the Tiwanaku empire took hold in the Lake Titicaca basin near where Bolivia and Peru are today. It’s a unique quirk of geological formation, which has created an inland sea that’s more than 12,000 feet above sea level and was the perfect site for the civilization to establish itself. When the Spanish invaded there are believed to have been around 1 million inhabitants.

4. Lagunita and Tamchen, Mexico
Dense forests across Mexico are difficult enough to travel through, let alone discover ancient structures, so it’s not always easy to find new sites. But recently, 2 large Maya towns have been revealed in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, called Lagunita and Tamchen.

3. Mammoth Kill Site, Austria
In 2018, archaeologists announced the discovery of a particularly gruesome site in Drasenhofen, Austria that was dated to between 18 and 28 thousand years ago… a stone age site that was full of the remains of mammoths and other large animals.

2. Tenea, Greece
According to Greek legend, following the destruction of Troy, a group of Trojan prisoners went on to found a new city called Tenea. While the location of Troy has long been known, Tenea has avoided discovery… until, that is, a discovery that happened in 2018.

1. Hidden Aztec Temple
In September of 2017, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck central Mexico and, along with killing 369 people, it caused serious damage to buildings and structures across the region. As a part of learning the extent to which it had damaged sites, archaeologists were scanning a pyramid when they discovered a temple hidden inside it.

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