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Watch the most viewed TOP 5 best auditions on Asia’s Got Talent. Including El Gamma, Junior New System and the Singing Trio, Miss Tres. Who was your top favourite? Let us know in the comments below..

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  1. Mariusz G
  2. LIFE IS!
  3. David Matthews
  4. Steeve Ah Fye
  5. GieoPlayzFans
  6. Gaming Channel
  7. Mark Benabo
  8. Gabby Robles
  9. Martin De Sagon
  10. Unicorn Bunny
  11. Christopher Baleza
  12. ronald branch
  13. edwin semidey
  14. Silent MutantYT
  15. Michelle Sunico
  16. girlinthedark 12
  17. aaah tex
  18. aaah tex
  19. aaah tex
  20. ʝ Ξ±β„Šβ‹’Ξ±r123987αƒ―
  21. uzumaki naruto
  22. Fajar Rodeheaver
  23. Abdul Khalid
  24. Camilo Calumba
  25. jojo Turi
  26. Yes No
  27. Galo Galleguez
  28. Yurijan Sakimoto
  29. Charisse Perlas
  30. rafael jr manuel
  31. Nath Mancenido
  32. Rosa Linda Dure
  33. Aleister Midnight
  34. Juneand Ruth
  35. Miggy Icaros
  36. Harold Kelly
  37. Shakil Ahmed
  38. Jackie Martin
  39. free nea
  40. free nea
  41. Frank Tumaliuan
  42. Kyle BERDON
  43. Cabib Tanggomay
  44. Cielo Aspiras
  45. Sky Blue
  46. Pampam prz