Murder scandal exposed: What are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hiding?


Murder scandal exposed: What are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hiding?:

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In a shock new revelation, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are being begged to help solve a complex drugs and murder riddle – relating to the tragic death on August 20, 2015, of a young Hollywood assistant during the couple’s honeymoon – as new developments emerge. In a sensational twist to events, New Idea can exclusively reveal that their friend and key witness Martin Herold has gone missing amid a wrongful death lawsuit launched by the parents of Carmel Musgrove. The chef has been accused of plying Carmel with booze, coke and marijuana while on a group vacation in celebration of the A-list couple’s marriage.   Jen and Justin’s pal Martin (centre) is ‘missing’ amid a lawsuit over Carmel’s death in Bora Bora His recent mysterious absence has made Jen and Justin’s involvement in the case – which also names Jen’s close pal, movie producer Joel Silver, as a co-defendant – all the more critical, as Carmel’s family continue to try to piece together their daughter’s final hours. Sources close to grieving parents Ann and Ronnie Musgrove say Jen and Justin should put their messy split aside and help them get justice for their dead daughter. ‘Martin Herold doesn’t answer his cellphone, and his home number has been disconnected,’ the source tells New Idea. ‘Carmel’s parents seriously believe Jen and Justin hold the key to his whereabouts, but their not speaking to each other has made it impossible to get them to cooperate on this.’   An insider close to Ronnie and Ann says they believe Carmel was ‘murdered because she knew too much’ about the inner workings of Hollywood’s elite, and compare her death to the Black Dahlia case. ‘Ronnie and Ann have still not heard from Jen and Justin since Carmel died on their honeymoon and they are appalled. It seems they really want to distance themselves from the suit. ‘The family truly believes she somehow died because of what she knew, and they won’t talk to anyone about what they’ve been told confidentially by her friends for fear of retribution.’
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