My Baby Videos!

My mom decided to bring out old home videos during my family birthday party this year. Here are some choice clips of myself that I think also show how long I’ve been a Disney fan!


This month I am participating in VEDA – vlogging everday in April. You can expect a new video from me every single day this month! Be sure you’re subscribe, and maybe even turn on notifications so you don’t miss a video!

This year’s VEDA playlist:

Last year’s VEDA playlist:

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Thanks for watching!!

  1. BellaMusic TV
  2. Fatima C.
  3. Denise Pontaza
  4. Maddie Riske
  5. Ana lol
  6. Emma Lumos
  7. mary William
  8. Kalyn Blake
  9. S. Chambers
  10. AliceIdella24
  11. Strange and Unusual
  12. Carolyn Alfaro
  13. KimSuecutie
  14. Lisa Trudi
  15. Lisa Trudi
  16. Monica Elizabeth
  17. just ME!
  18. Josh Rodriguez
  19. The Blinky Lights
  20. Emily Aceto
  21. Jayme Ramos
  22. Hufflepuff girl
  23. Nicole Holst
  24. Immersed In The Magic