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Outro Song: Denzel Curry – Gook

Original Videos:

– Kendrick Lamar – Humble

– 21 Savage & Metro Boomin – No Heart

– Playboi Carti Freestyle – 2017 XXL Freshman

– Travis Scott – Antidote

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  1. lil dibill
  2. KZ Gaming
  3. m a r i a h
  4. Dean Sinatra Jr.
  5. iiSporkyFork
  6. iiSporkyFork
  7. Essie Medlock
  8. CrUsHa Vs
  9. Super Guy
  10. Agent Yuna
  11. WF4L
  12. Prince LaFlare Beats
  13. Prince LaFlare Beats
  14. Luis :p
  15. Copyed Music
  16. Copyed Music
  17. Dank Meme bruv
  18. Copyed Music
  19. Copyed Music
  20. Fk Opz
  21. CubanDa Prinxess.
  22. Sam Fitz
  23. I'm on Crack
  24. Johnny Cane
  25. OmqiiIts_Gaya
  26. Dujuan Brooks orbitz jr Da2
  27. Bre Bear
  28. Bre Bear