New “STRONGEST” Town Hall 9 Trophy/Hybrid Base +Replays (COC TH9) BEST!! Defense Layout 2017

Please watch: “Clash of Clans | BEST! Town Hall 7 (CoC TH7 Attack) ”


The new best base for this town hall! It can be used for war, trophies or hybrid/farming. Its been proven to work through testing in replays, for war and trophy pushing. One of the best defence layouts/setups for this TH. Designed to counter all the meta army compositions.

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Examples: Anti-bowler, anti-valk, anti-gowipe, anti-giant heal, anti-miner, anti-1 star, anti-2 star, anti-3 star, anti-drag, anti-hog, and anti-hybrid attacks.

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  1. Silvan Gut
  2. baklava ayısı
  3. JilJil JigaJiga
  4. Clash With Dman
  5. Diego hernandez
  6. Sr. Rocks