Newly-confirmed COVID-19 patients in S. Korea increases by 144, raising total to 977


코로나19 국내 확진자 1천명 육박…사망 11명

Our starting point this morning .
South Korea is seeing a sharp rise in coronavirus infections on a daily basis now.
Eleven fatalities, including the first foreigner in South Korea, have been reported and the number of confirmed cases in the nation is closing in on one-thousand.
For more details, we have our Kim Ji-yeon on the line.
Jiyeon, the number of COVID-19 cases continues to shoot up, especially in the virus-stricken city of Daegu?
That’s right.
The number of newly confirmed patients jumped by 144 from the previous day… raising the total number of cases in South Korea to 977, as of Tuesday.
The majority of the newly confirmed cases are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do Province the total number of confirmed cases there reaching 791.
On Tuesday, some 56-percent of the newly confirmed cases were traced to members of the religious group ‘Shincheonji’ .
Local authorities see the main source of the virus in South Korea as deriving from the religious group… and those that have been in contract with its members.
In response, the central disaster headquarters of the Korea Centers for Disease Control said they’re stepping up efforts to track down remaining Shincheonji members… for a thorough investigation.
It has received a list of some 212-thousand members.
Authorities say they are aiming to complete their probe into all the members on that list within the next two weeks… starting with medical examinations of high-risk patients.
It plans to conduct an examination via phone with the other members.
As I touched upon before, the number of coronavirus-related deaths has also risen in South Korea, and it now includes a foreign national who was due to get medical treatment here.
That’s right. The death toll has reached eleven in Korea.
The most recent victim was a 35-year-old hospitalized Mongolian male patient in Namyangju who had been transferred to South Korea earlier this year as he waited for a liver transplant.
It’s the first case a foreigner dying in South Korea due to the coronavirus.
The number of people in South Korea who have been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery remains the same as the previous day at 22.
Back to you.

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