Nia Sioux Reviews the Internet's Biggest Viral Dance Videos | SELF


Nia Sioux reviews the internet’s most popular dance videos, including the biggest pole dancing video on Instagram, Yanis Marshall’s Beyoncé medley, and Luis Fonsi’s internet sensation “Despacito.”

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Nia Sioux Reviews the Internet’s Biggest Viral Dance Videos | SELF


  1. Donna J. Richardson
  2. Bella Martinez
  3. leo
  4. HeyItsJessica
  5. HeyItsJessica
  6. worldwide abs
  7. chaosfox
  8. Jandro Santos
  9. Love JenChuLiChaeng
  10. eyrist
  11. Alpha
  12. jinyoung&free
  13. kailee
  14. ken
  15. I am Alucard
  16. Шизл манизл
  17. Pablo Garcia Aparicio