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“No Copyright Infringement Meant. All Video clip Clip and Image/s Credit history to the RIGHTFUL Proprietor.

“No Copyright Infringement Meant. All Video clip Clip and Image/s Credit history to the RIGHTFUL Proprietor.

LIVESTREAM February 26, 2017

Pinoy Big Brother Fortunate Period seven
PBB Celebrity Housemates
DJ ChaCha – Voluntary Exit
Elisse Joson – 4TH Fortunate STAR
JK Labajo
Jinri Park – Big three
McCoy De leon – Big three
Nikko Natividad – Big three
Hideo Muraoka
Nonong Ballinan – Big three (Fortunate STAR)
Yassi Pressman

PBB Teenagers Version
Vivoree Esclito – Evicted
Edrward Barber – Big three
Cornillo Yong Mujahil – Evicted (4TH Fortunate Sunshine)
Fenech Veloso – Evicted
Rita Gaviola – Badjao Lady – Evicted
Kristine Hammond – Yakult Lady – Evicted
Kirsten Danielle Kisses Delavin – Big three
Christian Morones – Evicted
Marco Gallo – Evicted
Marydale Maymay Entrata – Big three
Gerard Aizan Perez – evicted
Heaven Paralejo – Voluntary Exit
Maria Fabiana – House Visitor
Stephanie Vaz – House Visitor

PBB Frequent Housemates
Tanner Mata – Big Jumper & Very first Fortunate House
Baninay Bautista
Ali Forbes – Evicted
Thuy Nguyen – Evicted
Luis Hontiveros – Evicted
Cora Waddell – 4TH Fortunate House
Jerome Alacre – 3rd Fortunate House
Aura Azarcon – 2nd Fortunate House
Wil Dasovich
Jesi Corcuera – Evicted
Tyler Mata – House Visitor

Desire Crew PBB Celebrity Housemates
Desire Crew Celebrity Jinri Park – FOURTH (4TH) Desire Crew EVICTEE
Desire Crew Celebrity McCoy De leon
Desire Crew Celebrity Nikko Natividad
Desire Crew Celebrity Nonong Ballinan – 3rd (Third) Desire Crew EVICTEE
Desire Crew Celebrity Elisse Joson

Desire Crew PBB Teenagers Version
Desire Crew Teenager Edrward Barber
Desire Crew Teenager Kirsten Danielle Kisses Delavin
Desire Crew Teenager Marydale Maymay Entrata
Desire Crew Teenager Cornillo Yong Mujahil

Desire Crew PBB Frequent Housemates
Desire Crew Frequent Tanner Mata
Desire Crew Frequent Jerome Alacre – 2nd (2ND) Desire Crew EVICTEE
Desire Crew Frequent Aura Azarcon – Very first Desire Crew EVICTEE
Desire Crew Frequent Cora Waddell

  1. Majesty Love
  3. Miralona Pon
  4. Loida Rito Regachuelo
  5. Che Cahulogan
  6. Lonelygirl Turingan
  7. h0pe ikw big winer maymay Canceran
  8. Sheila Glodeviza
  9. Anna Arida
  10. Cristine Sebanes
  11. Florabel C P
  12. Madeline Lanojan
  13. Analyn Palazo
  14. Joy Gandalla
  15. Florabel C P
  16. Arlene Ignacio
  17. Sassygirl Ashiteru
  18. perla arellano
  19. ble bleee pangit mo
  20. Arlene Ignacio
  21. Gie Suhat
  22. blessy aquarius
  23. Arlene Ignacio
  24. Ivyjenn Grana
  25. virgogirl77 lazy
  26. Luna Humol
  27. Lady knights
  28. Edrehada Mangkuton
  29. Heart Heart
  30. Heart Heart
  31. Ginalyn Carpa
  32. Barbara Galvez
  33. Raquel Trillanes
  34. Edwin Aldrin Catbridge
  35. cherry moncada
  36. Marlyn Garrido
  37. Qatar Girl
  38. jhenhlyn santiago
  39. Chix Lei
  40. Jenelyn Cebuano
  41. Jhin Lee
  42. Kisses Delavin
  43. Evelyn Carahum