NYC Council Condemns Viral Videos Of People Pouring Water on NYPD Officers | News 4 Now


Videos of NYPD officers getting doused in buckets of water that surfaced on Monday have sparked a debate on whether the behavior was simply a prank on a hot day, or a display of anti-police sentiment.

Law enforcement officials say they’re investigating the incident in Harlem where one of the videos was taken. The officers were in the middle of making an arrest when bystanders threw water on them, followed by an empty red bucket.

In another video of a separate incident, two cops are seen crossing the street when a man pours a bucket of water on one of them.

In an internal NYPD memo obtained by News 4 Tuesday, the department said, “Police officers are not expected to tolerate conduct that may cause risk of injury to themselves and the public, interferes with the performance of their duties or tampers with or damages their uniform, equipment or other department property.”

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