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BOO! Happy Halloween!
Find your favorite halloween songs created by Pinkfong, and have a SPOOKY WACKY Halloween!

You are watching “Halloween Songs Compilation”, a super fun Halloween songs for children, created by Pinkfong!

★Halloween Songs Compilation

1. Pirate Baby Sharks
2. Clay Halloween Sharks
3. Halloween ABC
4. Ten Little Spooky Kids
5. Ghosts on the Coast
6. Halloween Sharks
7. Vampire Wedding
8. Guess Who?
9. Creepy Zombie
10. Toy Shop at Night
11. Monster Shuffle
12. Halloween Costume Party
13. The Spooky Bus
14. Five Little Pumpkins
15. Three Scarecrows
16. The Skeleton Band
17. Knock, Knock! Trick-or-Treat
18. Halloween Is Almost Here
19. The Dark House
20. The Little Ghost
21. Spooky Pooky
22. Who Took the Candies
23. Halloween Is Almost Here
24. Halloween Party

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