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“You’ll float too!”

PRANKS GONE WRONG! – Funny Pranks and Prank Fails from April 2018. Weekly selection includes IT Pennywise prank, melon heads, Work pranks, scare fails, oil slick fail, car quick stop fail, scare cam pranks, kid fails, girl fails, accident outtakes and funny moments caught on camera and more!

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The Best Fails

  1. Skylerdoesminecraft Skyler
  2. Mattis N
  3. Sabrina CH
  4. Astar Sheran
  5. Денис Иванов
  6. Zaka Johansson
  7. Imma Edit Dat Out
  8. the slimmer girl
  9. tetrixX 55
  10. Juan Carlos X
  11. Buhahahahaha lmao
  12. LaChaineDu Parkour
  13. manuel garza chaires
  14. DiSFlamZ
  15. DiSFlamZ
  16. Anderson Mendes Silva
  17. Mr. Finger
  18. LeonHard MasterMind
  19. Jm Abuan
  20. Grégory VIAUD
  21. D Collins
  22. noob tube
  23. game igor
  24. Mc toasty 7
  25. Julius Stark
  26. DracheN Lutz