Whats up everyone?! In this episode of the Dingle Hopperz, Dingle Mom makes Uncle Crusher and Anthony go crazy because she can never figure out what she wants to eat. This pregnancy is making us go crazy! LOL! She picks out weird food combinations, its becoming a monthly thing now, and Even went to get Ice Cream and asked for them to put pickles in it! Uncle Crusher also took over cooking with Anthony and made a cooking with Uncle Crusher episode! The food came out really good! Make sure you watch closely, so you too, can cook up this delicious recipe whenever you want and see how Dingle Mom and Anthony reviewed and react to Uncle Crushers cooking skills! Please make sure to comment your favorite part down below, give us a BIG thumbs up and don’t forget to click that subscribe button to join in on our fun every week! Peace out everybody!!

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The Dingle Hopperz is a channel about Uncle Crusher, Dingle Mom, and our 4 year old son Anthony. A family of three that likes to explore, go on vacations, and do funny and exciting new things. From messy challenges to exploring new places and even having Anthony go flying 20 feet into the air, to taking a bath full of marshmallows, or fruit loops, and even slime! Some times Anthony likes to be a Bad Boy and take the car out for joy rides and to venture off to different places like Target and even Starbucks! On our Channel, we also have a segment called COOKING WITH ANTHONY where we try to come up with some different cooking recipes and different dishes; some of which are super delicious and tasty, and others that just make a huge mess and destroy the kitchen! He has even baked up some really fancy treats as well for some challenge we did! We like to throw in some fun animation that we are sure you will enjoy. Make sure to tune in to see all of our new videos we put out every week! Between NERF wars, Best Fiends game play, Hot Wheels play, and even Super Mario Make sure to also check out the other channels we work with so you can see Anthony, Dingle Mom, and Uncle Crusher in action with FUNnel Vision, The Skylander Boy and Girl, FG TEEV, Doh Much Fun, The Funkee Bunch, Twiplet World, and Brick and Betty! These are all awesome channels! Peace Out Everybody!

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