recreating iconic celebrity couple pictures


i turned my boyfriend jacob into a model and we recreated these iconic celebrity pictures!! PLUS we did our own couple poses because this was our first official boyfriend girlfriend photo shoot!!!

thank you so much to @g4bbys for making this all happen!!! make sure to follow her loves

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IF you watched all the way to the end you KNOW what to comment… also i know this was just a fun excuse to get couple pictures with my boyfriend but how did we like this? maybe more videos like this? i want to know what you think! anyways… HAPPY MELOCHE MONDAY AND HAPPY FEBRUARY. it’s my birthday month WOOO. IT’S GONNA BE A FUN MONTH….

here’s your reminder that you are you for a reason you ARE different. you CAN do whatever you put your mind to, and i think we can make the world a happier positive place. you recieve the energy you put out into the world, remember that today. LOVE YOU -han

Hannah Meloche

  1. Elizabeth Allen
  2. Grace Day
  3. Kelly Gonzalez
  4. Marysia KamiΕ„ska
  5. Maci Stephan
  6. Olivia Stepp
  7. Woohoo
  8. Soumya Vasishta
  9. Ivriah Fayth
  10. Ellie Nozomi
  11. Grace Brown
  12. taylor swift
  13. Brietta Nielson
  14. Anahi Garcia
  15. micaela
  16. _sophielois 011
  17. Lily Katsamba
  18. Navya Rai
  19. Gamze Nur
  20. Sara Campana
  21. felicia braxton
  22. Tabea Grimm
  23. Olivia Ashton
  24. Anita Gritskevich
  25. Mathea Guntvedt Helgesen
  26. grace claire
  27. Shurog 1
  28. Shurog 1
  29. alejandra Rendon
  30. Alysha sierra
  31. Katherine Pringle
  32. maren breanna
  33. Pedro Henrique MagalhΓ£es
  34. Afnan Abbas
  35. kween bean
  36. Ana Lourdes MillΓ‘n
  37. Antonia Wagner
  38. Iman Suraya
  39. Sophia Elisabeth
  40. Leona Rize
  41. Brianna Sapoff