Scary and Funny Costume Pranks | AFV Funniest Prank Videos 2018


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Animal suit costumes are awesome, scaring your friends or family is fun, scaring people WHILE wearing an animal suit = funny content that has a strong chance of making it into an #AFV comp! We compiled the funniest animal suit scares for your viewing pleasure!

Side Note: get ready for more costume #fails, #pranks, and other funny videos because #halloween is right around the corner!

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America’s Funniest Home Videos

  1. Chao QUN Lin
  2. Timothy Baird Jr.
  3. Juan Antonio Jiménez
  4. See Through
  5. Omar Alberto Henao Hernández
  6. fred
  7. 박종근
  8. Алексей Гомазков
  9. Christina Harman
  10. Christina Harman
  11. Jozef Tahaan
  12. Red Roses
  13. Андрей Зенков
  14. iBra
  15. Abigail Bravo
  16. Facts Don't Matter
  17. robin chudł
  18. Dixi Murmur
  19. Abdelli Abdelli
  20. koriethegiraffe
  21. The Unfadeable
  22. Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around
  23. Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around
  24. Cuna Waro
  25. 10 4 alpha 9er delta
  26. Владимир Чевган
  27. Lavs
  28. Alexander Stephen
  29. vityaj law
  30. paul tak
  31. One Punch Man
  32. Rod Kirt
  33. Андрей Холодов
  34. Univerz
  35. Vanderlei Gonsalves
  36. Turkey Man
  37. Сергей Нестерюк
  38. Andrew&Olga
  39. Code Three
  40. Paul Ziolo
  41. Joyce Isabel
  42. Robbie Hoper
  43. Mark Conde