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It’s the perfect day to go on a Summer field trip!
JJ and friends are having fun with sea animals at the beach. Sing along with us!
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These are the things that
Live at the beach
It’s so fun to learn what
Lives at the beach!
These are the things that
Live at the beach!
I love the things at the beach!

I look in the sky and what do I see?
A white seagull flies over me.
Soaring, diving, flap, flap, flap
Flap like the seagull, flap, flap, flap

I look at the sand and what do I see?
A little red crab walks right by me
Crawling, Creeping, click click clack
Crawl like a crab, go click click clack

I look in the tidepool and what do I see?
Clamshells yawn in the deep blue sea
Opening, Closing, snap snap snap
Snap like a clam go snap, snap, snap

I look at the shore and what do I see?
A sea turtle wiggles on the sandy beach
Flippers waving, swish, swish, swish
Wave like a turtle, swish, swish, swish

I look at the beach and what do I see?
Dolphins play in the waves so free
Jumping, diving, splish, splish, splash
Jump like a dolphin, splish, splish, splash

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